Meet the Chocolatier

Victoria developed a special knack for working with different flavors at a young age. Ever since she can remember, she and her siblings were taught the importance of recognizing the distinctions in odor and taste, and being able to single out a specific ingredient became a natural talent that she then implemented into her cooking as a Chef Instructor at Cook Street School of Fine Cooking.

Chocolate, however, was a completely new and self-taught endeavor for her, but with Jeremy's support and her background in both the Arts and in cooking, she was able to combine artistry and fine food to create a product that really captured people’s attention. That is how Victoria’s Chocolates was born, out of a simple desire to spread warmth between people around the world.

It all begun out of a tiny little kitchen, just like the one in the store now where Victoria spends most of her time coming up with new ideas and handcrafting each chocolate to perfection. Using only the finest chocolate shipped pure from San Francisco, France and Venezuela, she melts and tempers it right in the store creating an intoxicating scent that, in itself, seems to bring people inside.

The very first “bonbon” that resulted from some very elaborate trial and error is still one of their most popular flavors today: the Dark Chocolate Espresso. It was the first time where all the layers seemed to fall perfectly into place and the first she managed to mold properly with all the anticipated shine. The finished product became the foundation for a wonderful and unexpected venture.

Victoria’s inspiration derives mostly from the love she has for beautiful sentiments and simple gestures along with her passion for food and art. People were immediately drawn by the tiny confections, and the more she keeps challenging her crafting abilities and stretching her imagination, the more people they continue to impress. Customers are continually wowed and left in awe each time they come in, almost always saying “they’re just too pretty to eat!” until they try one, that is. Today she has created close to 50 different flavors, each giving people a unique and lasting response.

Despite the intricate work, she genuinely values her time spent in that little kitchen coming up with new ways to share love among people by crafting each bonbon to perfection, and making sure it always conveys a heartfelt message. Her inventive personality and whimsical imagination combined with Jeremy’s eye for technical artistry makes this product both elegant and unique.

Not everyone puts as much of their own personality into their work, and it shows as soon as you step inside of the little pink house. Not only can you feel the amount of joy already being radiated among people, but there is also a feeling of simplicity once surrounded by the many adornments inspired by Victoria’s love for house rabbits. Quaint and uplifting, the store itself helps portray the message that these chocolates are essentially trying to bring, and once you share that joy with somebody else upon leaving, Victoria’s Chocolates has fulfilled its one true intent.

Our Bonbons